Friday, December 11, 2009

Get Personalised

Lets get personalized...
Lemme introduce my self to you first:

Name : Nikhil Mahajan

Asl : 25/ M / India

DOB: 24/10/1984

Profession: Physiotherapist

Born as an ordinary kid, done my Primary Studies till 9th standard at Army Public school, Udhampur(1998) , .Then I attended Happy Model Hr. Sec, School, Udhampur as my high School(1999-2002). Done my Physiotherapy from Jammu College of Physiotherapy, Jammu (2002-2008). Currently pursuing P.g. from Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Ambala.

Likings: Passion for writing- i write books, poems, articles.. like surfing internet, Techno freak

Places you can find me: Am not a party freak, so you can find me in a lonely night on a long drive..

About me: Well am very ambitious kind of person, i am a day dreamer a perfect kinda Scorpio...

How the book begin:

I was writing the book from the past few years which I never noticed, it started with some few lines for my girl friend which finally turns into chapter and as pages piles up more and more... it took a shape of the book.
Most of the incident in the book are not true but the healthy feeling which I went trough my love life helped me to express my feelings and love, which was pen down in the book. I never had an idea to get it published but as I got screwed, went through my break up phase, this book helped allot to get over the melodrama. loll I want to thank to my lil' sweet gf to give me feelings when she entered my life, helped with the love story and then finally by her silent breakup with pity reasons which gave me courage to speak out in the world, look into eyes of critics, to face rejections ...
Thanks to all who discouraged me with their words, all the way strengthening me and my thoughts to go with my book further...

Writing a synopsis

So the time has come to reply for the response to my editor.....

This is how the nurturing phase of the book takes place
I am writing this all in blog from day to day till it will get published...

It takes patience , hard work and many sleepless nights for the author to get the content on the shelves and it makes us happy when critics says "the book is not worth at all"
wow at least they are talking about us, they have read you and they have some brief idea about your book...
So what was necessary at this phase was "synopsis' the toughest of all. Its tougher than writing a book..
Lets start with it and then we'll go editing, editing and more of it.. till it takes a sculptured perfect shape..
So lets begin with the magical note " it hurts man but we'll fix it".....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lets gets started

My dear friends and readers, This is my first ever blog so overlook my mistakes. I am a very simple easy going writer with lil' complications, so is the pattern of my writing too... Yesterday i got a mail from my publisher showing response to my book. I have to submit synopsis of my writing , have to hand him 3 random chapters as well as have to attach a natural pick of mine with my bio-data. If everything will go well, you people will definitely have my book on your table and in your lovable best seller collection rack.
Love you all keep in touch as i say "LOVE NEVER FAKES".....

So lets begin with the magic words: 'It hurts man but we''ll fix it"