Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love at first kiss and the art of kissing

A relation and no kiss, is like a cloud with no rain.

 It starts with a stare.  Look briefly at the other person's lips.  Don’t stare just give a look and don’t purse your lips, wet open your lips slightly. Before you proceed make sure you have fresh breath.  Use spray or mint but dare you chew gum as you cannot throw them in front of your mate.

*statuary warning: Kissing a girl in public can be hazardous.

 Be brave to kiss on her hand or her cheek first, don’t proceed directly, wait for the signal from the other side and if she is interested, she will definitely show it, and then you can proceed further.  
 Try not to be too much pushy. Kissing a girl is an art.  Say it in an intimate way that you love her, have an eye lock before the lip lock.  
 Compliment her    But compliment her with true words, don’t cook stories, girls have a sixth sense
 Sixth sense?  Yesss…
 Yes a sense to find out true or a lie. Be yourself than another copied fancy   . Go ahead; close your eyes, lean in a smooch.

MANTRA: “Go ahead, close your eyes lean and smooch “

 Well, start slow and soft, gentle kiss and skip the teeth and tongue, move forward and kiss.  Do not smack the lips, the noise can be distracting and may break the moment of silence. Stay light first, kiss gently softly, don’t make her uncomfortable, stop in the middle look at her eyes then kiss again.  Let her show her technique and interest. Try not to be bully be imaginative.
Note: Remember to gulp the extra saliva before preceding a kiss. If the small kisses go well then it’s the time for the bigger one.  

 Oh! YEAAA: The Lip-Lock
 Go with your lower lip, your partner’s lower lip, then upper lip.  Put your date’s lower lip between yours and this is the safest try.   And the point here to be noted is that make sure you go softly that you are able to breathe.   Pull your partner closer Use your thumb to sweep across the cheekbone, under her chin and tilt it upward.   Tangle her hair, gently pull them but do not hurt.

Lip lock with your partner’s lower lip between both of yours, lightly run the tip of your tongue over it. Move slowly and better, see your partner for a second, make a gesture, keep increasing the intensity of your kisses, then the magic, Kaboom.   The time to pull back your tongue and sweep your tongue inside your partner’s lower lip. Move slowly and lightly, increase the speed, pressure till your partner responds too.  Now inside your partner’s mouth with your tongue, make darting motions and roll it inside her. Make deeper hard strokes and wait for a response.  Let her do the same too

 Give a small bite Well time for the teeth.  Make nibble bites but don’t bite too much harder or much, stick to the kisses more.  Make the intensity of breaks.  More breaks more she will be intimate but do not break much to make her uncomfortable that she rejects kissing you.  A smart move can allow you to go inside her heart.


Announcements were about to be held and everyone gathered. This was supposed to be so-called significant part of the first day of the college. Important for the teachers to introduce themselves, but dull for students who came here for studies.Studies”; oops sorry mistakenly a wrong word used; you people might be thinking that what I am writing? Well we took admissions for studying Love, Girls and gathered for the practicals of our teenage mistakes.

So for the first day of BBA College, everyone gathered on the porch. But as you know, things never go the way it is supposed to be, suddenly...

“Hi babes,” shouted one girl aloud waving her hand towards another girl; her friend and as they came into eye contact their steps ensue to meet each other. They were like as if they were starved for each other for years. I wonder why girls always love to meet each other so closely with hugging each other. As they moved fast the scene virtually memorizes me the one in DDLJ where Sharukh runs for Kajal in the yellow fields and as I came back to my pleasant scene; the girls came closer with their as usual hugging-piggies thing. As they hug each other tightly with their tighten clasped t-shirts so perfectly fitted pants, their boobs collides with each one another and they nearly popped out from their top’s cleavage. All the men present there, their jaw went wide opened to the scene, and tongue's drooled for more; almost sweeping the floor to cherish this sight; just the way as titanic hit an iceberg. As the two girls dig into each other's body, they looked so happy. I wondered why they never care to meet their boyfriend with so much enthusiasm. A noticeable smile appeared to my lips. Oh God! What a panorama it was.

“Hello, roll no. 38?” said one guy who came from nowhere and offered me a handshake.
“Hi” said I as handshake took place.
“Akash” his voice was husky and bold.
“Siddharth” I replied to his introduction.
“I know,” smiled Akash to me.
“How?” I inquired as it was something weird to hear on the first day of the college.
“Well just to know whose answer sheet I am going to copy for the next three years,” he explained dramatically and laughed aloud taking me into his confidence and I too laughed to his silly joke.
“I am doing it for years,” he continued being more confident.
“So what's up?” I started the conversation and flipping from his topic where I knew next he was interested to tell me his crowned cheating stories. But more of it; it was an inquiry as this guy had just keen about my roll number.
“Nothing much just looking around” and he smiled at me.
“Why these girls always ready to create a scene?” It suddenly came from my side of the conversation as I was enjoying the scene where these girls were still busy talking to each other about their pre-college shopping expenses.

Here each buck spent was an act of bravery regardless of the fact that how hard it was for their parents to earn. My concern about these girls grabbed attention of my new friend and it was a check, whether this guy was straight or not with mock test, by pointing at the two hot girls standing in the same room.

“Well this one is my girlfriend.” Akash pointed one girl with the 34 size.

[34 was her bra-size which I had noticed earlier before I could see her face correctly. I was neither a lingerie seller nor a worker there, but the X-ray my eyes could do was neither less and I was almost perfect in it. For me getting attracted to those BBW was not silly. I mean BBW – Big busted woman, which guy don’t want. ]

“Lucky you,” I smiled.
“Yes lucky from the past few years,” said Akash with his collar up.
“We were course mates since I started with commerce and knew each other from coaching time. I was a commerce student with an average mark. So being here and getting admission in such a prestigious institute was never my aim. I always hunted to join my father’s business, but my father had something else in his mind. He was aimed to make me study and learn business tactics before I join him.” And the conversation went for a few minutes; we were on the edge of talking about his dad's turnover in the business to the India’s economy and corruption.

While in the conversation my eyes repeatedly fall for the bombshell standing over and over as these girls were effortlessly noticeable. I wish to look for this eye tonic standing along with Akash’s girlfriend, but I could just watch her well maintained buttock. My curiosity increased with each second as could not get her glimpse.
          Suddenly, the two girls exchanged a handshake, and Akash’s girl friend came our way. Akash hugs his girl tight and press her booty in front of me to tease me as a sign of his possessiveness. Even I too wanted to do the same if I had her. To be honest this girl was awesome by her sizes, which were so perfect. Her way of dressing was rather an advantage over it too.  However, for me the girl who went her way after talking to Akash’s girlfriend, I was too sure about that mysterious girl about her looks, I still bet her to be more mystic. I could find a connection between me and that girl, and I could feel something; an aura from her side.

“This is Siddharth and she is my girl Jenny," said Akash to his girlfriend with a formal introduction being decent.
“Hi” and smiles exchanged between us.
“Oh I will introduce to with one of my old friend,” and as she turned to call her friend and my connection.

          “Piyali” she shouted aloud and waved in the air, but as the girl was facing another side, she could not notice her calling. Before she could reach for her, she turned back; an announcement took place from the principal who just entered, and everybody paid their attention to him standing on the stage. We hurriedly made cues as an act of obedience, but I was still disturbed over this girl whom I could not see. I again try to look at her side to get her glimpse but could not, as the room was overcrowded. Standing in the cue, I made endless attempts but failed each time. Then as one of the teachers took hold of the mike, it was a perfect chance for me to change my place. I went to have a look for her, but suddenly she turned other side and so do I simultaneously. I was again on the wrong side, and one more attempt failed. I wonder why I was so much curious about her and it was quite noticeable for Jenny to notice. For me, it was like now or never.

“Are you comfortable?” Akash inquired.
“Yeah,” I replied back still looking for this girl on the one side and not concentrating on the speech being held.

          Finally, with the thanking note and a call for the class, the teacher took us to a class for our first curriculum lecture. We all obeyed and followed her like heard of sheep. While we entered our new class as it was the perfect time I could now make my last attempt to have a glance of this beautiful girl. I ran breaking the cue towards her. I touched her shoulder...

"What?" said Jenny to me as she walked along with this girl who was now a part of her gang. I was pretty sure that this girl will also stop as her friend, but she walked away.

“What happen to her?” I asked Jenny.
“I wanna see this girl” I went straight.
"Piyali," uttered Jenny confused. Jenny screamed her name loudly. With the call, she turned back… and I was surprised…
“Leave her; I am not interested to talk to her” I walked away.
“Why?” Jenny came to me hitting with her question curiously.
“I am not going to class if you are interested let’s move to the canteen,” I looked disturbed, which was easily perceptible through my facial expressions.
“Are you okay?” Jenny conformed.
“Yeah” I was sweating now.
“Yeah let’s move; let me have water,” Jenny took hold of my hand as I felt collapsing.

“Akash, to canteen” she calls her boyfriend to help her holding me, and we all went to the canteen. Jenny tried inviting Piyali; her new gang member but Piyali went to the class which was rather rude.

          Before we move further into the story let’s get introduced. I am Siddharth you can say the Dog no. 1, adding to the list Akash was the Dog no. 2. Well there were so many dogs around but we knew only a few. This was my 1st day at BBA College based in Delhi. Life for me was never firmer; my father was a business man, and I was not at any time liked caring much about money. Akash’s father was in Indian embassy. I still wonder why I never found him pleased with his dad and neither Akash’s father Mr. Sharma, nor was her mother happy with him. However, it has nothing to do it with me and the story. Jenny was Akash’s girl friend; one of the most beautiful girls around but since she was already hooked with my friend; else I would be the one doing X- Ray scans with my eyes. I don’t know from when they knew each other, but everyone says they were lovers since they were in their diapers. What a fuck it was; but it was true.