Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Dear Readers,
Best wishes for the New Year. May it bring to you and your family health, happiness, peace, and prosperity. May it see your hopes fulfilled and may it be rich in the successful accomplishment of your highest aims. May peace and happiness be yours in the New Year. May fortune smile upon you and favor you with many blessings.

Dear Friends,
May coming Year comes with success and achievement, a year rich with the affection of those who are dear to you, a year mellow with happiness and contentment. What the coming year may hold we can none of us foresee. It is my earnest wish that for you it may bring forth a generous harvest of happiness and good fortune. May the coming year and all that succeed it deal lightly and kindly with you.

Dear  Reviewers and Colleagues,
May the coming year bring you happiness in fullest measure. We think of you with the affection born of our long friendship which the recurring year only strengthens. May the New Year bring you health, happiness, and all other good things. Health, happiness, and contentment, may these be yours in the New Year.

To all,
May health, happiness, and prosperity be yours in bountiful measure in the year to come. May the New Year be a good year to you and yours—full of health and happiness. May each of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the New Year be a happy one for you.

With love and Care,

Friday, December 16, 2011

An Interview with India Sahitya


My Love Never Faked in news Again, Read the Interview CLICK HERE

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whats new

After all these sleepless nights, finally through with a 

new thing . Finally this 2012 will bring:


Luv ya always:

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The baba ji post: 

Friday, November 25, 2011

From a lover's heart

Mujhe mere dost ki baat yaad a gai
Chai pe bitai hui vo raat yaad a gai
kaha tha usne us raat
Chali gai hai uski GF aaj k baad

Thodi der ruk k vo pyara dost bola
Khush to meri GF badi hui hogi
Chup-chup k Coffe peene jab Barista mian lekar jata tha
Pata nahi laga aaj tak uski GF ko ki
Paise ussiki ki jeeb se he nikal k ata the :P

Jala tha jism jahan

Jala tha jism jahan 

dil bhi jal gaya hoga 

ek galat fehmi ki hum unko bhul gaye hain 
unhone humme yaad karna bhi bhula diya hoga 

ta umar kaat denge unke shahar main be abru hoke 
milenge nhe kyunki jante hai 
unke ghar ka rasta bhi badal gaya hoga 

hum bhi badal jayenge aur badal denge andaz e guftugu unke khatir 
kyunki jante hain unhone to baat karne ka tareeka bhi badal diya hoga

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A dissolved equation of LOVE

"Haal-e dil kaise kahu
Tu aake mille varna sab sahu" 

Well, look what I find out and I wish 
I could save this piece of paper like my relation..
[I still remember this fight to prove who Loves whom more] 


Saturday, November 12, 2011



"LIFE IS LIKE PEE AND FLUSH so Let's have some fun"- by Nik's.

Thanks to my team for working for me to give me an avatar and work for me.

From Team: "Imagining and dreaming was a bit easy thing but to put it on papers is a tough job."

So what we are starting here is a "Pagal-Panthi Ganag"; welcome to it...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you for all the love and support:


Monday, October 10, 2011

Heart mends much needed

So we are talking about here a very talented writer, as I see a zeal in her writing and she writes really different(you can notice it by her work)!

I thanks; Sneha, for writing this piece for my blog.

Sneha Kedar is a published author of the book titled "Entrapped" and she owns a blog too.
(Please click here to visit her blog.)

                                                    SNEHA                                 COVER OF HER BOOK 

The other day, my friend and I were discussing about “Heartbreaks”. Yeah, you read it right – The Heartbreaks. Apparently wherever I move my gaze, I see heartbreaks. The hearts which Cupid brought together are now breaking (in most of cases). Is Cupid’s arrow’s charm fading?
“I think by 2015, dictionary will have another synonym for love – ‘heartbreak’,” my friend quipped.
I don’t know whether my friend’s prophecy will come true or not, but I sure want to make a request to Cupid.  So, here is my short and sweet letter to the famous love god “Cupid”.

Dear Cupid,
I can’t see my friends (Sudeep Nagarkar, Nikhil Mahajan) crying in pain. I won’t be able to handle my heartbreak any time in my life.  If not eternity, please mend everyone’s hearts for lifetime at least. Do it before we all start saying – Cupid is Stupid.
Yours truly,
A target at whom your arrow may hit soon ;)

So, I guess this letter shall make a difference, if any, and soon all the broken hearts will start mending. Amen!

I would like to mention here that Sudeep Nagarkar is a writer of bestselling novel "Few Things Left Unsaid" and a very good friend of mine. His novel is based on his true life; from search of Riya to a National bestseller and the search still goes on...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A world called: My Neverland

Mentioning about Priyanka is very tough so I am mentioning her words here:

"Another day without your smile
Nights pass, days arrive
Under the same sky..we once shared
Just for tonight, we'll be dreamed into a yesterday's affair.

Kindled heart O' mine,
Ignites the thawed dust layers, one by one
Nascent creepers run along,
Slimy passages of a dark paradise.
Hold me now, before we bid goodbye
Under the same skies, we shall meet again..."


PRIYANKA is a wonderful poet, a good friend of mine and she OWNS A Wonderful BLOG  CLICK HERE



Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Interview about the journey of the writing and making of the book My Love Never Faked published in today's Saturday special "MY TIMES OF JAMMU" Newspaper at AUTHOR SPEAKS section, a part of "TIMES OF INDIA" here at JAMMU and KASHMIR.

10th October is another special day as Author's second book is releasing all across India titled "AS LONG AS I LOVE YOU... I WILL LET YOU HURT ME"
Check ALAILY page on FB:

MLNF has an official page over the FB too: 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life in a Video

As per my Promise Posting on the very special day.. yeah special day as I complete 2 years of my BREAKUP, unfolding the Video. Kindly Cooperate for some pictures been removed for the Privacy Purposes. Hope you enjoy what you see... Always


Saturday, July 30, 2011

To my Promises

I Promise to:

my FB Status and official FB announcements: ALAILY

work upon the makeup of the blog: Done
celebrate my MLNF Year here on the blog: Pending
put some interesting Blog Posts: Poems Updated
concentrate on my blog members: trying hard
make a Contest here soon and goodies: Watch for more to come
make announcements on my life unfolded ends for MLNF fans: Yet to come
make an announcement for next novel at the end of this year: Date to finalized for ALAILY

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A peek into ALAILY

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Babuji ka chashma [Nikhil Mahajan]

Akbar padhne ko dhundh rahe the,
gusse se ve laal hue,
chillate hue bole sabse,
kaha gaya mera chashma...

Dheeli chaal, hath main lakuti,
bazar ka moana karne nikle,
pehen k apna chasma...
jab b babuji zor se hilte,
dhdam se gir jata vo zameen pe,
phuk mar k, saaf karke,
naak pe tika dete the vo'
chehre ka vo ek bhav tha jaise,
unka aur haasya ka ek karan,
babuji ko pyara jaan se
unka vo purana chashma...

Banavat aisi hassi a jaye,
tedha medha sa, saha sab mausam,
babuji na badlte the aur
na badle the vo aankh k moti,
 rehte te sab haste uspar
jisko sab chahte the kasna,
aisa tha vo babuji ka chashma...

Hasi ki kilkarian nikalti thi,
mohalle main sab unpe
chahte the mano hasna.
Bacho k pyare babuji
hath main meethi goli pakaad k
bade pyar se milte sabse,
dukh tha thoda unko jaise,
rehte the akele vo par
sath nibahata hardam chashma...

Subah mano sab babuji ko dhundthe,
aur dhundhte the unka dheela chashma,
us din kuch na hua aisa,
 mile na babuji na mila unka chashma.
Sab unpe hasna chahte the par...

[[O bhai sab zyada dimag mat lgao]]
babuji ne lens lgwa liye hai ab,
 ab na hoga hasna...

Dhinchak nikalte hai babuji ab,
muh pe muskaan hilate chadi,
jo b chidhate the babuji ko,
dekh k dang aj, hath jod k,
 raam ram karte,
babuji aj unpe haste'
 Dekho movies ki gaaj,
 aj babuji pe kaise padi...
Hatta k chasma badli chadi,
babuji ki to nikal padi...

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mandir masjid sab kaar ne rabb de
Apas di ladai vich khuda nu
vandan di te cha na rakh…
Lare la k rol ditta safar vich,
Kaddi na nibha rishte di gall nu
Par menu azmaan da jazba te rakh…

Jazbaat di kadar na kitti hove,
hanju rukne to hath na kitta
par menu sataan di koshish ta rakh…

Chiddian chug k a gain vapis
Putt na aya sham nu jaake
Bol ki desseya vaar tu jake
Abbu te vapis aan di gal
nibhan da maan te rakh…

Bulle sha di kalam padh k
Mattha la lea darbaar te tu
Jede dil te mail, onnu
mukan de jazbaat te rakh….

Insaan banke padh leyi jamaatan,
Kaddi us sabak nu zindagi vich
amal karan da imaan te rakh

Peer te jaake mang leya sukh
Hajj jaa k rozze b rakkh le
Ammi de dukh ka karan te na rakh..

Badde kar di dawaat kha layee
Kadi gareeb di pukh nu mittan da tayaan te rekh…
Rab nu dua karli ja k dargah vich
Kadi gareeb da farkk k te na rakh… Hakk na rakkh kisi da…
Hakk na rakh...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Blog...

I've missed you greatly and sincerely apologize for my lack of communication with you for the last 2 months properly. This is not the way I wanted our relationship to turn out. But alas, I had others that were more important for you for the last while. 

It's wasn't you... It was me... 

But please give me another chance! I would love for our relationship to turn around! To become better than it ever was! To be more honest with each other...

I Promise to:
make update on my FB Status and official FB announcements.

work upon the makeup of the blog.
celebrate my MLNF Year here on the blog.
put some interesting Blog Posts.
concentrate on my blog members.
make a Contest here soon and goodies.
make announcements on my life unfolded ends for MLNF fans.
make an announcement for next novel at the end of this year.

Just a month time and I'll be back!
Love, Niks

Sunday, May 1, 2011


kuch akal ke kacche the, sab se chote the... 
kehte sab humko bache the....
shaitaanian hum jab karte the, 
chari se mar khate the, kehlaate fir bhi aache the...
kyunki hum tab baache the
rona humko jab aata tha, aur tensu bhi beh jaate the, 
masom hatho se gaal saaf kake,
ik nanhi muskaan bikraate the...
bhool ke sab baat ko, khilono ki jod tod main lag jaate the...
aaj mano bade bhale he ho gaye ho hum,
vo din sach main bade aaache the....


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Synopsis: My Love Never Faked...

Abhi always makes a lot of mistakes in his life because of his mischievous attitude and Priya Abhi’s Gf has always forgiven him for all this. She always says that one day she will leave if things keep on repeating like this but being careless to his lady; Abhi never thought that Priya would ever leave him. He keeps on repeating mistakes again and again till the time come when he found that Priya was completely gone out of his life.
          The romantic story “MY LOVE NEVER FAKED…” is about love between Abhi, a last year physiotherapy student and Priya, MBA student. Both loves each other but somehow in the story Ellen, a beautiful American lady, comes between them, with whom Abhi got interested and got confused.
 He went on with Ellen, date her and get physical with her being drunk and somehow he got caught. But there was no exchange of sperm between the two as Abhi realize it that he’s committed and being in relation he respect Priya and her love.
                                                        Abhi tries to reconcile the matter and try to make her understand that he’s still innocent from his part and all he was going through was a little confusion about his status in his love life.

Manuscript includes 3 poems too, titled: “My favorite melted Ice cream”, “Open window with a closed heart”, and “my last poem”.

MY LOVE NEVER FAKED… is a bestseller now and is avail all across the country.

Excerpt: My Love Never Faked

My Love never Faked:
"Now A Best Bestseller"

From Chapter: 12
Finally The Breakup

“What you want sir?” said the boy.
Finally the silence broke.
“Lemmon tea for two” say I.
“No I don’t want “Priya made her statement before the boy could place our order.
“Ok sir means 1 lemon tea” says boy.
“No I said two” I said with a heavy voice.
Priya didn’t say anything by this time but I know she’s not going to had it.
“I’ll have two” say I to end this melodrama and to start over next talk.
Priya was still angry with me and it was clear from her face.
“How’s your tattoo, do it pains” says Priya in a taunting way.
This hurts me most coz I want to forget everything that happens that day but Priya was not willing to do so and now it was clear from her words that this is the end.
“Your drink sir” boy place the drink onto the table.
I put lemon in the drink to make it sourer and drank half of it.
It fires my empty stomach; I haven’t had anything from the morning.
“What you want from me Abhi “says Priya in anger.
“Don’t you feel bad for ourselves and for what you did to this relation when it was going so smoothly” she continues.
“Why you came here now” she asks.
“Sorry” I could say this much only.
“This is not the thing to be sorry, Abhi you break my trust, you were with this girl and were in her room and you got caught, this time you are guilty. I wonder with how many girls do have slept with” Priya kept on uttering bad words.
I could hear this much only coz after some time I could only hear buzzing sound in my ear and I felt I’ll collapse now.
I put more lemon in my drink, I knew this time it will be unbearable for my stomach but I drank it in one sip. My eyes were like burning after the drink.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A poetry that always hurts…

A poetry that always hurts…

When I say,

she has her view and it is a curse

She looks into my view

I knew she won’t reach my way

Some of it may a litl’ or few

A poetry that always hurts…

Living alone was not an act

I was told to do

So I am all packed

Its a poetry that is still hurting

As I always try not to unfold

But to keep mum

Now is bit cheezy and old

I am man of the today and I have dreams…

I have my wings to fly high

And my target is the star not the sky….

Should I continue this poetry that hurts

My feeling towards it is dead …

and is burnt

Luv ya NIKS...