Monday, April 29, 2013

Enjoy the Music Mesh

So here is the link for the music of the Book - Oh Yes! All men are Dogs - music by Rapper Parry G; click on the link below and enjoy.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well understanding a guy is a bit long for girls. This hum-tum ki ladai saali khatam hi nahi hoti. However, I have a very simple exegesis for this life and everything, which encircles it. I always think “All men are the same”. How?
Well, all men are alike and this has been proven universally. I will explain it with an example: We; guys are like an ice cream cone; hard in nature and are the base, a protector and yet gaudy too.
Have you ever heard of different flavors of cones? Right, they are of just a few types: a simple one is just like the guys found everywhere. The other one is the chocolate flavor i.e. an athletic guy. Now the core difference between the two type is; the sporty one - the protector and the simpler one - the darling types. So these athletic guys are obstinate, non-loving and hash types. Some girls like them because of their good looks and a few for their stubborn nature whereas the simple one I mean easy in nature, loving, caring, and full time devoted types are prayerable.
However, compared to boys’ girls are like an ice cream tossed into these cones. Few are dressed with jellies, some with strawberries and with other stuffings too. Different girls are meant for different cones and they fit right into them and thus make a perfect cornetto.
Always remember one thing: “All men are dogs”; I confess it today you will do it tomorrow…

How? Let’s read it and find out…

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