Friday, August 24, 2012

Life in a hostel

It was not hell, untill they made it for us; fir humne to kuch na kuch karna he tha…

“aaya tha farmaan, kyunki hostel main aaya tha naaya mehmaan” – dedicated to Warden sir.

“Laga di unhone notice aur bana diye rules, arre hum maante the kya inko fools-fools-fools”

“It’s not like we never followed rules but kya karein hostel life hai he kuch aisi”

Rule no 1: No one should be found at odd hours in the hostel

 = khud to kya kisi ko jaane bhi nahi deete the

Rule no 2: No drinking and smoking


= Parties kar nahi sakte the to mimic kar di

Rule no 3: No Adult movies and vulgar language or things

  = Kabhi zarurat nahi padi

Rule no 4 No shouting and Hoolagism:  obediently obeyed 

 = humne karri kabhi???

Rule no 5: Parking outside the hostel

= Oops! Yeh parents ki hain, clicked @ visiting hours

Fir ek din, vo kehte haina
“Aaag nahi lagti tab tak ehsaas nahi hota, kitabein khole bina bhi to exam main bakwaaas nahi hota”

Nikal ke dost ki gf ki di hui bhagwaan ki murti, aur pen main laake zara furti. Karne lagge padhai…

"Fir kuch khas ho gaya, ek nahi sabhi pappu pass ho gaya, sabki life busy hai par yaadein abhi bhi sath hain, Facebook main aj bhi inki dosti khaas hain" 

And now when I look back into my life as a Hosteler ;) "it rocks"

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Love Incident

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"You are the best thing that’s ever been mine..."

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

From the upcoming novel...

As we met for another day

Heart beats so fast and I just pray
Kisses on the cheeks
With a hand shake
You gift me you soul with
A bunch of flowers and the cake
To make it more purposeful
I kiss you and wish this time to stay
Then I made a way into the bed
Here our hotness came into play

hands all over the body and on the soul
In the end our body dashed into each other
for first time I felt everything so slowly
just like a light years

I felt I am complete as I lose it over you
My first man my memory, oh he’s all mine

Another day another time
This mind was always just thinking of you
I kiss you and romantically I was all yours

Yours your forever
Forever for this life time, rest I know nothing
Now and never…

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jal gaya yeh jism jahan... II part

Jala tha Jism, jala tha ek parvaana
kha k ikk shamaa se thokar

Ruth tha tab rabb, jab tu gai mujhe
mere halaaton main chod-kar

kaha tha khudse tab:
kahatam kardenge yeh yaad yeh jism
Aur yeh dil jisme bassi hai teri yaad
aur ho jayegi kahatm yeh ruh bhi tab
Jab choo k gayi mujhe tum
hui thi Jauda, Ban k gai gair… mujhse hokar

Jala tha yeh jism jali thi yeh zid
Ki ikk pal tha aise, ankhon main ankhein mila sake tum
Ruthe nahi thi hum jante hian, rutha tha humse yeh rabb
Jab ruthe the naseeb humse, Humse hamaare  hokkar

Yeh thi hamaari kahaani hamarari benasi ki,
Logo k liye mehfil sajaane ka andaaz,
aur hammme is dil ki thokaar
dil ki thokkar … dil ki thokar…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“Story of my love; Story of my life”

 “You are burning yourself Eshaan, are you insane to search someone who didn’t even cared to turn up all these years. I will suggest you to forgive and forget”; said I to Eshaan consoling him.
“How can I?” he replied with the same monotonous stubborn tone. This was not for the first time we were talking about this incident but I never suggested him so seriously.
“You are still carrying it with you?” I questioned.
“Always”; he stares.
“Un believable”; I uttered surprisingly while maintaining my eye contact.
“Nikhil bhaiya this is love”
“Eshaan yeh to sabne kiya hai, but you are playing with fire” I compliment him for his decision but I knew I should not take his side and have to scold him like an elder brother.
“If you will find her, do you think you can tie this knot of relation which has no roots of truth. A relation that has given you nothing more than a 2 years wait and God knows how many sleepless nights with tears shed on pillow”; I try conforming his commitment to this relation.
Suddenly the train whistles for its final call. We exchange hugs and the train board for its destination. I sat on the bench on the station and memorize my conversation with Eshaan 2 years back. Eshaan was just a guy next door and this can be story of anyone like him. On one fine day which was turning to be a life changer for him, he got a friend request from a girl on facebook “Do you remember me?”
“It’s me Pari from JKFY School” another message popped up for the unnoticed and un replied message after days.
“Who is this?” Eshaan messaged back.
Eshaan then spend whole day reading her Profile and her timeline for her authentication, she was real and her name was first thing to hit him. She was a JKFY schoolite. Few more messages this conversation became more and more regular Eshaan came to know it was not her name whose meaning was Pari but she was also an angel by her heart too.
“Can’t you use your original pic as you DP?” Eshaan messaged her one day.
No reply came from her side and after few days she messaged “You look way different Eshaan from what you looked when you were young”
“We grow, we change” Eshaan justified himself as he was never a JKFY student. It was a friend request mistakenly sent to him and he do not had courage to tell her that he was not her Eshaan. But this conversation continues from days to weeks and then months and as the relation blossoms it shifted from Facebook to phone by the exchange of their numbers. Regular on phone, one day on the telephonic conversation with Pari, she said something which bore him deep inside.
“Do you remember I used to have a deep crush on you when I was young and that day when I gave you a poem written by me, my brother caught us but you took my side very courageously. I eventually fell in love with you but could never confess it. And now when I got you back in my life, I could not hide it anymore” Eshaan could not say anything because he didn’t knew anything about these incidents. Months passed talking over the phone and finally it was Valentine’s Day so they decided to meet. Pari was in Delhi that time so they plan up for Metro station, CP. But destiny has something else to show. Eshaan travelled to CP that day and on time but she never turned up. He tried her number but helplessly it was switched off. Even her facebook ID was deleted. Eshaan could not make contact with Pari then after. Year passed to this incident and he tried her number millions of times to find the reason.  
This Valentines again Eshaan is going for his love will wait at the same place, Metro Station CP carrying his poem which he wrote 2 years back and I wish this time he may get what he desire…

Poem of my love, Poem of my life:
Earlier I was wandering around, you settled me down,
I was floating randomly; you bought me to the shore
I scared to even stand, but your presence taught me to touch the sky
From your eyes I could see the real beauty of this world
It’s you who showed me the importance
It’s you who taught me that sky is not the limit
I was far apart of myself, you introduced me with my soul
It’s you who actually gave me a new definition of friendship in my life
I tremor sometimes but you always try to turn me like a calm sea
Things were in fuzz, but your presence made it clear
You gave me comfort you made everything true
Being bit philosophical, but I really admire you baby
Yes! I admit it’s just you…

A tear rolled down my cheek. Eshaan was on the way searching for his girl and I was break-uped long ago. I look at the sky, it was cold and about the rain, I remember my time when I went for search of my Girl. But I thank God coz I was lucky enough to meet with her for the last time since our breakup but may be Eshaan is not that much lucky to meet his angel. I wipe up my tears I had always thought if so much of effort is plunged into anything there is always a fruitful end. But many a times I have seen failure.

“There is a request to everyone: Either stop loving or stop hurting”

Sunday, February 12, 2012

For you sweetheart: I know you are reading it

There are some unspoken words
which I feel for you and want you to know
them and feel what I feel...
I want you to hear those unspoken things,
which is just like the taste of water,
things you feel but difficult to express
but can be told only when other feels.
s just like being freshen up when you drink water
and that
s what I feel after meeting you...
You have changed my life
just like water turns into ice
so keep this relation cool but don
let this ice of relationship to melt...
Luv Ya Always NIKS
from the book: as  long as I love you

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's just now just few days to this special day and many of us may be waiting since it passed last year without many efforts for our love one. Yes I am talking about “VALENTINES DAY”. Some of us may be seeking suggestions how to make their day special, here I give you the best one. If you look at the scenario and the market, there are loads of surprises available in the market. From Card, Teddy to a cozy 5 star hotel candle light Dinner or a bunch of 21 roses (I preferred most throughout my love life). Apart from these casual yet special things there are few undone plans available to which many of us might have never thought and I bet this can give a beautiful smile on your face as well as your better half too.

A few days before when many of us were planning up their VALENTINES DAY, I just came across a post by a friend Sonia Kundra Singh, Author of 
“LOVE ME IN THE END”, with her post on facebook “I know you want to give your valentine a teddy, an Archie’s card or an expensive dinner but why not do something different this year and help others in the process?” Isn’t it looks simple, helping others while you celebrate…

Of course, Valentine's Day is a day where you share your love with your loved ones so take a step towards sharing a SMILE with someone you do not know but who needs it the most. Send your special someone an original, custom-designed valentine by a child with Autism (and help support a cause at the same time). For a Rs 365/- donation, we will sign, fold stamp and mail your card to your valentine on Feb. 10.  All proceeds go to care4autism Center ( at Hyderabad!!!


SONIA KUNDRA SINGH, an Author a home maker, an army wife and she hail from Hyderabad, India. Besides writing, she loves to travel and explore new places where she draws her inspiration from. She has an aesthetic style of writing that is so reflected in her novels and the characters within them. 
Currently she is working on her new novel titled: “YOU LOVE ME, YOU LOVE ME NOT”. She is also a part of organization.

To know more about her visit her website:
and she owns a blog too:

Thursday, February 2, 2012


On her lips a tender kiss
A love note with a smearing throat
I will say “love you” once again

A chocolate bar in my hand
A flower bunch along with it
Waiting for you on a very summer noon


My girl in arms of someone else
Could not believe them they so close

Passion taking over the stars

Making her feel special as I tarnish

Sadly! On her lips a tender kiss

But by someone as I miss her lips

NIK'S :(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Chocolate is Innocent

“As the temperature starts to drop at my place, it was no good to fridge my chocolate.”

Yes today I am blogging for the world’s best food, flavor and bursting a myth coz my Chocolate is innocent.

Yesterday morning when I had an eye to eye with my breakfast, I washed it down coz it didn’t felt hungry but at the same time my hand moved for this iced chocolate bar which  was rather warmer as it looked so hard. If I like it so much then why I can’t make it my breakfast from here I came up with a new idea of “cookbook for Chocolate lovers”. A cookbook topped with tones of calories, an updated version of typical recipes from the period and a glimpse into the first successful chocolate dipped foods.

I Google it more for the evidences that do actually Chocolate is the best stress buster and the myth for chocolates to be the culprit for Diabetes and Obesity. Well I would like to put some light over it- actually it is the sugar as one of the integrant in the processed Chocolate is the main culprit.”My chocolate bar is Innocent”

Chocolate helped for army isn’t it strange? It is: Overlooking everything in World War it was valued as a high energy food that didn't spoil. "Chocolate is very transportable, so it was very good for the army." More over there are archaeological evidences which suggests  that people in Mexico were cultivating and drinking chocolate some 4,000 years ago if it’s so harmful it would have not been so much loved all over world.
 For most of its history, chocolate was a drink. Candies and solid bars didn't catch on until the late 1800's,
Chocolate not only gives calories at the time of starvation but it is also seasoned with some world best flavors like vanilla, and some spice so next time you ask for your favorite hot chocolate fudge think again are you asking it for taste or flavor and to play safe with it — try it with richer content and less sweet counterpart.

           ....Have a happy chocolate...