Friday, March 26, 2010

For the one who din't cared

Story of a teddy

There was a cute girl. One day she went to market with her father. There she saw a teddy. There was a spark in teddy’s eyes. Actually at first sight teddy fell in love with this girl so he was gazing at this girl. Girl likes the teddy too. She asks her father to get her this teddy. One day her father got her the teddy.
Teddy was now happy to be with his love and the girl eventually fell in love with the teddy. They both started to share an emotional bond with each other. There wasn’t a single day the girl would miss to talk to her teddy and to spend some with her teddy. Teddy was also so happy with the girl too and the way things were going.
They both used to talk a lot every day. Then the girl grew up a little and her dad got her admitted to the school. Teddy was left alone but he was happy to see girl shining in her life.
But girl used to spend time with the teddy when ever she gets to. Teddy use to wait for the whole day so that the girl would come from the school and then spend some time with him. The love between the two didn’t fade and they still share the same bond. They love each other just like the very first day they used to.
Then the girl grew up more. Now she had new friend to spend time with and the teddy got ignored. But he waits for the whole day for his chance so that the girl would talk to her, at least once in a day. Life had changed but the teddy copes up with the things and learned the patience but didn’t change his love for his girl. He used to be there at his place waiting for the girl every day but yes the girl used to call her once in a day at least for the sake she loves her. This keep the teddy alive and the spark of the teddy didn’t get over.
Then the girl grew up more she got new tensions of life but the teddy used to be there in her life and in her room sharing her every problem and happy moments.
He used to watch the girl and get happy to see her growing up in life. He used to wish the girl, greet her and pray for her from the distance for her wellbeing and her success in life from his heart.
The girl grew up more, she starts taking new responsibilities of her life. She started thinking that she’s not a kid now and she don’t need teddy toy in her life. She started thinking that the teddy is a kid’s toy and forgot the time spent with the teddy and the emotions she has for her.
It was the saddest moment of the teddy’s life that the teddy was kept in the store because the girl starts thinking that now it is consuming space in her room and her life. Teddy seems to be of no use now neither it looks so exciting to the girl nor the girl could see the spark that she had for her at the very first day when she saw the teddy in the shop.
Now teddy was taken out of the room and was kept in the store.
It was dark there and teddy got very scared there and cried a lot but could not do anything and the girl didn’t care to help him. He weep all time there, waiting for this girl to take her out of this store and give her at least a small space in her room and a new life but it never happened again. Girl forgot the teddy there as she had no feeling for this teddy now and now it was just a non living thing for her. Teddy was forced to live alone. Sometimes he was torn-up by rats and spiders there but teddy decided to be there for his whole life. He kept silent there because the girl herself had put him into this store and for the sake of his love to the girl….


2nd Birthday

"Life is not a magic show that we wave a magic wand and everything turns off as we want to,
If it was,
If we ever it was...
It is because if we are imagining one..."

We live a life of one we love,
we praise and when we tries to put our foot in his shoe, we get to know the struggle and pain he went through..

Today is my 2nd B'day as a new life has started with THE EMAIL.... That i am accepted.... Thanks to all who supports me with whom i am...
Today is the happiest day of my life but i am: