Friday, October 9, 2015

Mistress: 49th is the fetish Shade

Her aunt was French. She was not beautiful but all of her other characteristics were perfect. She had all the good French manners- Savoir vivre-. She didn’t talk much. She always kept a distance from other people. And that was the main reason I wasn’t feeling too good to talk in front of her about my dream.

As her aunt entered the room I rolled and sat on the floor with my back against the wall facing Michaele’s bed. The two women sat opposite me.
‘Aunt, my friend here had a dream and we would like to hear what you think it means?’
‘Ok, but it’s been a while since I did that for the last time and I hope I didn’t lose my talent’ she said smiling. So what is it your dream about?
‘It’s very strange, I don’t know.’ I smiled and looked down hoping she wouldn’t insist. 

No reaction. Just silence from both of them.
‘Well?’ Michaele added .
‘Don’t keep us waiting’ Michaele’s tone sounded just like last night’s when she told me to kiss her feet! I felt too weak to oppose.
‘I dreamed that Michaele wanted me to kiss her feet’ I couldn’t believe what I have just said. I was unable to talk no more. Michaele started laughing hysterically while her mom lit a cigarette. I felt embarrassed.
‘I am going to ask you one question and I want one true answer. Were you aroused last night after that dream?’
‘I swear I don’t see Michaele in a sexual way.’
‘Just answer the question’ her aunt said raising the tone of her voice making Michaele stop laughing and me lowering my look.
‘The truth is yes, but I don’t know why?’
‘And I can guess you would like to do it in real life. Am I correct?’
I didn’t think about it until that moment. I felt a tremendous wish to kneel in front of her and experience the sensation I had last night. The entire scene was too emotional. Michaele’s dominant way of asking left me no choice.
‘I would yes’ I whispered.
‘What is going on here? Michaele said. Mom you make him feel uncomfortable.’ Her mom made her a sign to hush and she turned to me.
‘Listen kid, what you feel come right from your soul, from your mind. You have a submissive character. This is not a bad thing. Many men have submissive fantasies but only a few make them come true. As you know, in this life we are living everything has its price.’
‘I don’t understand’ I said.
‘You will understand in a moment. What I mean is that you have a chance to experience now something that you may ask for the rest of your live and you never get it – but this can be done only if Michaele wishes-  If you kiss someone’s feet, it’s an action of seduction and Submissiveness.
It is a way to show that you accept someone as your superior, as your owner.

By doing it you deny all your freedoms. After that you lose your human substance and you become your owner’s property. You have no rights. No right to talk, to eat, to write or even to think. Your life will focus on your owner’s needs. From the other hand, the owner should use you as it pleases her. There are no limits. This relationship will lasts for a life time unless if the owner wishes to stop it by letting you free or by selling you to another person or even by removing his life.’ I was lost.