Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Blog...

I've missed you greatly and sincerely apologize for my lack of communication with you for the last 2 months properly. This is not the way I wanted our relationship to turn out. But alas, I had others that were more important for you for the last while. 

It's wasn't you... It was me... 

But please give me another chance! I would love for our relationship to turn around! To become better than it ever was! To be more honest with each other...

I Promise to:
make update on my FB Status and official FB announcements.

work upon the makeup of the blog.
celebrate my MLNF Year here on the blog.
put some interesting Blog Posts.
concentrate on my blog members.
make a Contest here soon and goodies.
make announcements on my life unfolded ends for MLNF fans.
make an announcement for next novel at the end of this year.

Just a month time and I'll be back!
Love, Niks