Monday, August 31, 2015

MISTRESS: From the Land of Kamasutra

Since Indian society is said to be very conservative with regard to the sex but it is known as the land of origin of Kamasutra. After reading the entire context about BDSM which I received from the internet – which you can easy access, I needed to experiment it with myself to see whether it fits to the Indian society so my search begins for a Dom to make me her Sub.
For very long time I kept looking for a mistress over the internet; I joined various group and hidden communities but none of it helped me finding my Mistress here in India. It was evident from one of the researches that after Pakistan which was at the first place who Googled Men to men sex and offended relationships. And for India, Mistress was a frequent word which was searched with a progressive amount in the year 2010 – 2014. I knew either I was with wrong approach or there was actually nothing like new aged Kamasutra which prevails here.
But such a society could not keep itself secretive and finally I got a mistress who was ready to teach me a hard lesson & treat me as bad as possible.
Let me start from beginning. It started with a facebook search; since I was reading the manual so I was now aware for the search word so I started posting on the Dom wall and to their chat to show them my interest. It went for months and now I was about to get distracted from my fantasy but one day as I was messaging continuously to show them my urge; finally I one day on FB chat I found my mistress. Her name was Kasturi (name changed)
Kasturi: ‘hi’ she typed. Before I could write anything; she gave me her mail id & told me to mail my personal details like age, location, etc there. And she went immediately offline and blocks me.
I was thinking ‘Is it okie?’ to take the risk but my inner urge advised me to take one petite risk for BDSM sake.
So on next day I mailed my details to her mail ID & also I ask her same details which she asked me to mail & wait for her reply. On second day I got her mail & I was surprised by her mail she wrote directly that ‘If you are interested in femdom sex & you want to be my slave then meet me tomorrow on yahoo messenger on same time.’
Yahoo messenger ‘Who the hell still uses Yahoo messenger’; I asked myself.
I was still very keen and without wasting much time I downloaded the Yahoo messenger; made an ID ‘YourSlaveForever’ and send her a friend request.
I could not believe everything was going so quick and I had not imagined this in my life that it could happen here with me in India.
I stalked her ID and messenger but everything was so secretive that I could not find any clue regarding her name surname. Her id was completely different and out of world. She was hiding her identity as she didn’t write a single word about her age, location or anything.  I sign on yahoo messenger on next day on same time and to my luck she was already there. Everything was going so smooth.
She immediately messaged ‘Now answer my questions…’ I have seen dominating nature in her statement.
So I write simply ‘ok’ as my reply
‘You were searching your mistress on facebook?’ She asked.
I replied - ‘yes.’
She again asked ‘Have you ever tried femdom sex? Or slave for any mistress?’

She knew I was new to it I said ‘No I am new but my fantasy is to be slave for one mistress for at least one day’ on my reply again she asked ‘Do you know it is a painful act and need devotion’ she was rude and I was surprised by her language.
I just agreed. Actually I was very keen to this type of sex as I was already working over it so for the experience I already had watched a lot of porn movies.
And I agreed.
‘Good; then be ready.’ She said.
She then questioned me ‘Tell me what you can do for your mistress to make her happy?’
‘Anything I can do for my mistress; your wish my command’ I texted back.
‘How much amount of pain you can take?’ she asked.
‘This is my first time I’ll try my best to absorb as much pain as possible.’ I was little afraid this time.

‘Don’t make a hypothetical statement; It wasn’t a quantitative answer’ I could feel a dominating nature from her sentence & she also used very rough language.
‘I can take any amount of pain.’ I knew I had no choice.
‘Sure!! You can think again till my next message’ she warned me.
 ‘Yes I am sure’ I replied wasting no time.

‘From today onwards I am your Mistress & you’re my Slave and you’ll do whatever I’ll tell you to do. Be ready for the appointment’ a message popped on the screen.