Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It started few years back, when everything was so young, so new, and so fresh.
I fell in love with a gal who I never knew what she really felt for me. I loved her quietly and trying to keep the feeling that was killing me.
But then time came when i had to spoke it out but I didn’t hesitate to tell i loved her, now if u asked what she answered back "sorry if i forgot maybe it was because of too much pain i felt that time". From then on I tried to forget my feelings for her and everything about her. I tried to be casual to her but never tried to be friend with her.
During those times I had to go on even though it’s hard to moved on especially when everyday u think about the person that caused the pain.
My b'day came, I didn’t expect that she would asked me to go out with her ,but she did asked me(to the tune of ”I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE RAIN…).

One time that I will never forget my first and last date with her.
Time came for breakup and I was forced to say “final GOODBYE" to that painful thing in my life.

I thought it will be more easier moving on without her but now after a year, I thought I moved on and already set my heart free.

But every time i remember her name and every time memories flashback the pain is still there and DAMN I still love her .

But now something has or feelings....
Should I accept her if she comes back???