Saturday, May 31, 2014

A glimpse of my new work

“Hey is this the last time?”
“You really sure this is over?”
“I don’t think we should stop discussing this matter anymore, when I am saying this is the end.. Then it is.”

Last time when I was broken down…
“I cried and one day I woke up losing everything”– Akshay, Dehi, 29, Print media.
“I took ice-cream… I put on weight” – Dipti, Bangluru, 24, B.P.O Industry.
“I try for her again and again but once gone is gone, finally I realized… she was in love with someone” – Vikram, Delhi, 24, Doctor.
“She was never mine, or I mistakenly misunderstood her frankness to be love, but I broke down   completely” – Bhavesh, 21, Mumbai, Student.
“I stone myself, eventually I realized I was wrong, he used me… I could not understand why me?” – Purvi, 23, Mumbai, Student.

As wise men says “Every End is a new Beginning”

The Start

What is love? A simple four letters making a word, a noun, a verb or a complete expression, a sense, feeling of decency or a ensnare to engulf a person. For few people a ladder to reach the highest emotional craving or a grievous end.
Whatever love is, one thing is sure it can make stories, stories of life time or stories telling a time of life.

But for life there is only one situation that it is unpredictable, the very moment we think we have understood it; it gives a conundrum to unravel. There are certain times in our life when sacrifices are more than choices, times when wait is no longer for a salvage than to hurt yourself. To harm yourself to quench the thirst to gratify the pensiveness, a dream to see a smirk on others face, even when you are dirge from inside.

I am Excited, hope you are too.