Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“Story of my love; Story of my life”

 “You are burning yourself Eshaan, are you insane to search someone who didn’t even cared to turn up all these years. I will suggest you to forgive and forget”; said I to Eshaan consoling him.
“How can I?” he replied with the same monotonous stubborn tone. This was not for the first time we were talking about this incident but I never suggested him so seriously.
“You are still carrying it with you?” I questioned.
“Always”; he stares.
“Un believable”; I uttered surprisingly while maintaining my eye contact.
“Nikhil bhaiya this is love”
“Eshaan yeh to sabne kiya hai, but you are playing with fire” I compliment him for his decision but I knew I should not take his side and have to scold him like an elder brother.
“If you will find her, do you think you can tie this knot of relation which has no roots of truth. A relation that has given you nothing more than a 2 years wait and God knows how many sleepless nights with tears shed on pillow”; I try conforming his commitment to this relation.
Suddenly the train whistles for its final call. We exchange hugs and the train board for its destination. I sat on the bench on the station and memorize my conversation with Eshaan 2 years back. Eshaan was just a guy next door and this can be story of anyone like him. On one fine day which was turning to be a life changer for him, he got a friend request from a girl on facebook “Do you remember me?”
“It’s me Pari from JKFY School” another message popped up for the unnoticed and un replied message after days.
“Who is this?” Eshaan messaged back.
Eshaan then spend whole day reading her Profile and her timeline for her authentication, she was real and her name was first thing to hit him. She was a JKFY schoolite. Few more messages this conversation became more and more regular Eshaan came to know it was not her name whose meaning was Pari but she was also an angel by her heart too.
“Can’t you use your original pic as you DP?” Eshaan messaged her one day.
No reply came from her side and after few days she messaged “You look way different Eshaan from what you looked when you were young”
“We grow, we change” Eshaan justified himself as he was never a JKFY student. It was a friend request mistakenly sent to him and he do not had courage to tell her that he was not her Eshaan. But this conversation continues from days to weeks and then months and as the relation blossoms it shifted from Facebook to phone by the exchange of their numbers. Regular on phone, one day on the telephonic conversation with Pari, she said something which bore him deep inside.
“Do you remember I used to have a deep crush on you when I was young and that day when I gave you a poem written by me, my brother caught us but you took my side very courageously. I eventually fell in love with you but could never confess it. And now when I got you back in my life, I could not hide it anymore” Eshaan could not say anything because he didn’t knew anything about these incidents. Months passed talking over the phone and finally it was Valentine’s Day so they decided to meet. Pari was in Delhi that time so they plan up for Metro station, CP. But destiny has something else to show. Eshaan travelled to CP that day and on time but she never turned up. He tried her number but helplessly it was switched off. Even her facebook ID was deleted. Eshaan could not make contact with Pari then after. Year passed to this incident and he tried her number millions of times to find the reason.  
This Valentines again Eshaan is going for his love will wait at the same place, Metro Station CP carrying his poem which he wrote 2 years back and I wish this time he may get what he desire…

Poem of my love, Poem of my life:
Earlier I was wandering around, you settled me down,
I was floating randomly; you bought me to the shore
I scared to even stand, but your presence taught me to touch the sky
From your eyes I could see the real beauty of this world
It’s you who showed me the importance
It’s you who taught me that sky is not the limit
I was far apart of myself, you introduced me with my soul
It’s you who actually gave me a new definition of friendship in my life
I tremor sometimes but you always try to turn me like a calm sea
Things were in fuzz, but your presence made it clear
You gave me comfort you made everything true
Being bit philosophical, but I really admire you baby
Yes! I admit it’s just you…

A tear rolled down my cheek. Eshaan was on the way searching for his girl and I was break-uped long ago. I look at the sky, it was cold and about the rain, I remember my time when I went for search of my Girl. But I thank God coz I was lucky enough to meet with her for the last time since our breakup but may be Eshaan is not that much lucky to meet his angel. I wipe up my tears I had always thought if so much of effort is plunged into anything there is always a fruitful end. But many a times I have seen failure.

“There is a request to everyone: Either stop loving or stop hurting”

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Anonymous said...

i pray eshaan ko apni angle mil jaye, same hea i have been waiting for my love frm the past two years knowing d fact dat we can nvr b together.
All good things work together for those who beleive in GOD!!! stay blessed...