Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love at first kiss and the art of kissing

A relation and no kiss, is like a cloud with no rain.

 It starts with a stare.  Look briefly at the other person's lips.  Don’t stare just give a look and don’t purse your lips, wet open your lips slightly. Before you proceed make sure you have fresh breath.  Use spray or mint but dare you chew gum as you cannot throw them in front of your mate.

*statuary warning: Kissing a girl in public can be hazardous.

 Be brave to kiss on her hand or her cheek first, don’t proceed directly, wait for the signal from the other side and if she is interested, she will definitely show it, and then you can proceed further.  
 Try not to be too much pushy. Kissing a girl is an art.  Say it in an intimate way that you love her, have an eye lock before the lip lock.  
 Compliment her    But compliment her with true words, don’t cook stories, girls have a sixth sense
 Sixth sense?  Yesss…
 Yes a sense to find out true or a lie. Be yourself than another copied fancy   . Go ahead; close your eyes, lean in a smooch.

MANTRA: “Go ahead, close your eyes lean and smooch “

 Well, start slow and soft, gentle kiss and skip the teeth and tongue, move forward and kiss.  Do not smack the lips, the noise can be distracting and may break the moment of silence. Stay light first, kiss gently softly, don’t make her uncomfortable, stop in the middle look at her eyes then kiss again.  Let her show her technique and interest. Try not to be bully be imaginative.
Note: Remember to gulp the extra saliva before preceding a kiss. If the small kisses go well then it’s the time for the bigger one.  

 Oh! YEAAA: The Lip-Lock
 Go with your lower lip, your partner’s lower lip, then upper lip.  Put your date’s lower lip between yours and this is the safest try.   And the point here to be noted is that make sure you go softly that you are able to breathe.   Pull your partner closer Use your thumb to sweep across the cheekbone, under her chin and tilt it upward.   Tangle her hair, gently pull them but do not hurt.

Lip lock with your partner’s lower lip between both of yours, lightly run the tip of your tongue over it. Move slowly and better, see your partner for a second, make a gesture, keep increasing the intensity of your kisses, then the magic, Kaboom.   The time to pull back your tongue and sweep your tongue inside your partner’s lower lip. Move slowly and lightly, increase the speed, pressure till your partner responds too.  Now inside your partner’s mouth with your tongue, make darting motions and roll it inside her. Make deeper hard strokes and wait for a response.  Let her do the same too

 Give a small bite Well time for the teeth.  Make nibble bites but don’t bite too much harder or much, stick to the kisses more.  Make the intensity of breaks.  More breaks more she will be intimate but do not break much to make her uncomfortable that she rejects kissing you.  A smart move can allow you to go inside her heart.


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