Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From the book: Mistress

Types of BDSM arrangements
The paperwork is always unique in the arrangement. You can’t just apply a standard document to every single relationship as every relationship is different. The general classifications as to the kinds of relationships that exist including Mentoring, Protection, Coaching, Service Oriented, Fully Owned and Play Only. Popular interactions include:
  • Master/slave – the slave gives up all rights and decision making power to the Master. If it’s a total control (TC) then slave has no to say no and without any limits; is in the Master’s control.

  • Dominant/submissive – Subs set limits on sexual play and punishment and can stop role play at any time. Here subs get a choice as to which aspects of their lives they will allow the Dominant to run. In effect, Dominants have less power over submissives than Masters have over slaves.

  • Pets – it  is an agreement where the slave have to live a life of the master’s desired  pet. Slave is dehumanized and takes on the characteristics of an animal pet like a puppy or pony under the control of an Owner.

  • Online– these are adapted situational engagement where the parties are engaged as dominance/submission over the internet. These popular parties often have multiple partners.

  • Scene only – It is a series of events usually documented which don’t encompass a whole relationship or lifestyle. Negotiated prior to a sexual play scene is done and typically focus on a one off play event. 

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