Saturday, March 19, 2011

Excerpt: My Love Never Faked

My Love never Faked:
"Now A Best Bestseller"

From Chapter: 12
Finally The Breakup

“What you want sir?” said the boy.
Finally the silence broke.
“Lemmon tea for two” say I.
“No I don’t want “Priya made her statement before the boy could place our order.
“Ok sir means 1 lemon tea” says boy.
“No I said two” I said with a heavy voice.
Priya didn’t say anything by this time but I know she’s not going to had it.
“I’ll have two” say I to end this melodrama and to start over next talk.
Priya was still angry with me and it was clear from her face.
“How’s your tattoo, do it pains” says Priya in a taunting way.
This hurts me most coz I want to forget everything that happens that day but Priya was not willing to do so and now it was clear from her words that this is the end.
“Your drink sir” boy place the drink onto the table.
I put lemon in the drink to make it sourer and drank half of it.
It fires my empty stomach; I haven’t had anything from the morning.
“What you want from me Abhi “says Priya in anger.
“Don’t you feel bad for ourselves and for what you did to this relation when it was going so smoothly” she continues.
“Why you came here now” she asks.
“Sorry” I could say this much only.
“This is not the thing to be sorry, Abhi you break my trust, you were with this girl and were in her room and you got caught, this time you are guilty. I wonder with how many girls do have slept with” Priya kept on uttering bad words.
I could hear this much only coz after some time I could only hear buzzing sound in my ear and I felt I’ll collapse now.
I put more lemon in my drink, I knew this time it will be unbearable for my stomach but I drank it in one sip. My eyes were like burning after the drink.


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