Tuesday, July 9, 2013


“Again, but you people will reconcile we know.” Jenny smiled, interrupting us.
“No man this is the end now.” I tried to sound final.
“Even Piyali said so but we know you people will join again.” Jenny again try to pacify me.
“After all sex sticks you hard.” Akash smiled at his funny joke and we started moving towards the canteen.
“Just like this samosa and the chatni” he took hold of a samosa in his hand from the canteen counter.
“Leave it on the plate babu.” said the canteen boy.
“Okay okay.” Akash replied back.
“No we are way apart” I tried to explain.
“This is not the matter of samosa and chatni but think about a pizza and the chatni.”
“We are like good food wrongly presented.” I explained.
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