Tuesday, July 9, 2013

INTRO - Oh yes! All men Are Dogs

As I opened the door, I did not notice Piyali coming from the other side. I was not sure she was about to enter the room. The handle was in my hand, and the one hurt badly was Piyali. As her hand touched the door hard she screamed, more loudly than the door hit her hand. I knew it was just drama.

“Fuck you.” Piyali screamed aloud at me without thinking anything and the situation.

“That's what you deserve.” I replied back; I knew she was hurt but I reacted in the same way exposing us both to the trouble.
“You are a dog.” Piyali cried aloud in front of the whole class.
“Not you, all men are dogs.” she continued, and she looked towards Akash this time complimenting him too along with me.

“You mind your language lady; I am not even talking to you.” I looked at her in anger.

I pushed her hard in front of everyone making a way for myself. As I walked inside with the bag in my hand, my bag again hit her throwing her on the door and this time it was done intentionally. I took the last seat in no time without looking at her.

“What a loser!” She too came in holding her injured hand trying to attain sympathy from the whole class.

However, everyone was stunned at the incident and our reactions. It was the beginning as a storm was brewing.

“I wonder what these guys think of themselves?” She screamed aloud looking at the whole last row of boys increasing her inclusion criteria of her allegations.
“Jay-Sean.” One guy said aloud.
“Huh!” another rebellious girl moaned in class from the first row.
“Get lost whosoever has a problem here” one guy from the last row took the guys, side.

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